I have owned and ridden horse for far too many years to be counting! Staring at Riding club and doing a bit of everything, I found dressage was my passion and later also did some showing. After retiring my last horse, who was my horse of a lifetime and my daughter starting to work her ways up the levels in BD dressage. I picked up a camera and started taking photos, hit and miss to start with, but over the years and several cameras later my images have been purchased and published in top Equestrian Magazines and also used for posters and adverts by some of the major equestrian manufacturers. I can now be found often sitting by the side of an arena at BD dressage shows! 

Being a horse rider i understand how a horse moves and my aim is to capture that special moment and bond between you and your horse. The sessions are built around you and your horse's character, as well as making your session relaxed and informal and enjoyable.